I work for this company, it was a cool little company to work for, but there was no room for growth, and the pay is not great. This company will be good for people who just starting in security, but not for security officers with years of experience
If you want the best these guys are it, they have the top guards in the industry. I noticed the that the guards stand out above the rest. These guys are an industry leader when it comes to hiring the right people.
We used Superior One for parking lot security at our wedding reception in Oakland last fall. We booked the security guards with Felix, who was responsive by phone and email and also didn't get upset when my payment was a few days late since I sent it through the mail. I got a few quotes for security services and Superior One was the best value for what we were looking for. The night of the event, the two security guards showed up on time, in uniform, and were super friendly and professional. As the bride I was a little preoccupied during the evening, but met them briefly as we were walking into the reception (they congratulated us and were so nice!) and after the reception when we were packing up. They even stayed late and offered to help us with anything we needed as we were cleaning up! I didn't hear any complaints and no one's car got broken into while we were there. Thankfully we didn't have any other commotion or rabble rousing so that was the extent of their services. In short, easy to book and great service day-of.